Creating an SSH key

When setting up an instance on DataCrunch, you need to provide an SSH key to provide secure access to your server.
Here, you will learn how to create such a key using PuttyGen.
When installing Putty, you can choose to install PuttyGen as well, so let's fire it up:
We choose Ed25519 as the type of key, and click 'Generate'. Move your cursor over the grey area, and your key will appear.
Don't forget to add a passphrase to your keys!
Copy the output in the Public key field on top and save your private key somewhere safe. You can use PuttyGen to re-generate your public key from your private key but not vice versa; hence, we only need to save the private key.
When creating your server, you can paste the output in the Key input field.
Next, you can add your key, deploy your server and your key will automatically be allowed on your instance!
Last modified 3d ago