Pricing and Billing

Raw performance at an unmatched price

GPU pricing

We offer state-of-the-art hardware at the best prices. Click the card below to view our current pricing for On-Demand instances.

Long-term contract discounts

We understand compute can be expensive, which is why we offer hefty discounts for long-term contracts. You can choose long-term contracts via the dashboard or contact our sales team for customized GPU clusters.

Current discounts

Contract lengthDiscountE.g. 1x H100*E.g. 1x H100 Total Cost*

Pay as you go



Pay per 10 minutes of usage

1 month


$3.61/h $3.95/h

$2,602.26 $2,844.00

3 months


$3.40/h $3.95/h

$7,500.58 $8,721.60

6 months


$3.18/h $3.95/h

$13,889.15 $17,253.60

1 year


$2.77/h $3.95/h

$24,287.76 $34,696.80

2 years


$2.11/h $3.95/h

$37,074.86 $69,298.80

*These prices are examples and subject to change.

Making Payments

GPU Clusters

Each Cluster contract is unique, so you will receive an invoice based on discussions with our sales and technical teams. Feel free to discuss your payment needs with our sales team by contacting

Cloud Dashboard

On the cloud dashboard, you can deploy On-Demand instances with different payment types:

Long-term: Pay up-front for a specified contract length

Pay as you go: Pay per 10 minutes of usage, including storage

Our services are prepaid, so you must top-up the balance on your account before deploying instances.

Make payments by visiting the Billing & Top-up tab in the navigation sidebar.

For Pay as you go instances, your account balance is deducted for every 10-minute period of usage.

Because our services are prepaid, you cannot use more than what’s in your account. If your balance is running low, you will receive dashboard and email notifications (check your Low Balance notification settings in Account Settings).

To avoid a zero balance, you can set up an auto top-up. This makes a payment to your account once the balance is below a chosen limit.

If your balance reaches zero, your instances will be discontinued and your volumes (data) will be deleted.

Your volumes can be restored up to 96 hours after deletion.

One time top-up

This adds a specific dollar amount to your balance one time. It is a good option if you are unsure how much compute you will be using or just want to do a few tests.

Automatic top-up

Auto top-up will automatically charge your chosen payment card when your balance goes below a specified amount. This is a good option if you are using compute consistently and don't want to worry about resources being deleted accidentally.

We recommend setting your top-up trigger to at least 24 hours of your estimated hourly rate so you have time to react if there is a payment issue.

Check your payment card for expiration date, and sign up for low balance notifications in case your payment card fails for any reason.

Low balance

The low balance icon is visible when your balance has less than 48 hours of running time for all your resources combined.

We recommend topping up your account immediately to avoid any deletion of your instances or volumes.

For running resources with an unspecified duration, we recommend enabling automatic top-up.

Project Billing

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