Team Projects

Projects allow you to share resources (Instances, Volumes, Keys) with other team members

Create New Project

There are two different ways to create a new cloud project: via the Project dashboard or the Project menu.

Create a new project from the Project dashboard by clicking the Create new project button on the top right corner of the screen.

You can also use the Project menu found within the navigation sidebar by opening the drop down menu and clicking Create new project option.

Input the project name and any email addresses of team members you would like to invite (see team member information below), click Create project, and your new project will be created!

Delete a project

You can delete any project of which you are the Owner. On the project dashboard, open the settings menu on the project card and click Delete.

Any remaining balance within that project will be sent to your Unallocated funds in My Account page, see Transfer Funds.

You must delete or transfer all instances and volumes from a project to enable deletion.

Project billing

Project payment methods and billing information (including address, company name, and business ID) are always associated with the Owner of the project.

Billing information can only be edited by the project owner in their My Account page. Project admin can view this billing information in the Billing & Settings page.

Payment methods are added by the project owner. Both owner and admin can view the payment methods and choose which ones to use for topping up the account, including automatic top-up.

Project developers can create and manage resources, but do not have access to view or edit billing and payment details.

View role permissions

Transfer funds

When a project is deleted, any remaining funds from that project will be transferred to your Unallocated balance in the My Account page.

From the Unallocated balance, funds can be transferred to any other project you own.

You must be the Owner of a project to transfer funds into it.

Transfer resources

It is now possible to transfer active instances and volumes between projects! In order to transfer resources, you must be the Owner of both the source and target projects.

When transferring Pay As You Go resources, the target project must have enough balance to cover at least 30 minutes of the transferred resources.

Transfer instances between projects

On the Instances screen, click on the instance you would like to transfer to open the instance details. Click on the Transfer button on the top right.

Choose which project the instance will be transferred to and click Transfer instance. All attached volumes will be transferred with the instance.

Transfer volumes between projects

Volumes must be detached before transfer is enabled. OS Volumes can only be detached by deleting the instance to which they are attached.

On the Volumes screen, click on the volume you would like to transfer to open the instance details. Click on the Transfer button on the bottom right.

Choose which project the volume will be transferred to and click Transfer volume.

Invite team members

Invite team members from the Team page. Click the invite button on the top right of the screen.

Input email addresses of the team members you would like to add. Choose a role for them using the menu. View role permissions

They will receive an email invitation with a link to accept and join the project. You will see when they have accepted the invitation next to their information on the Team page.


Team members are given different roles with various permissions:

  • Owner is the user that created a project. Owners have all permissions.

  • Admin have almost all permissions, except editing projects or editing billing information.

  • Developer can only deploy instances, create volumes, and manage project resources.

Role Permissions

Project PermissionsOwnerAdminDeveloper

Deploy and manage instances

Create and manage volumes

Top-up project balance

Edit Auto top-up settings

View billing information

Invite team members

Change team member roles

Transfer resources between projects

Transfer funds between projects

Rename project

Delete project

Add payment card

Change default payment card

Edit billing information

Changing roles

Project Owner and Admin can change the roles of other team members using the menu in the Team page.

Remove a team member

On the Team page, click on the role menu associated with the team member you would like to remove and click Remove (see image of menu above). You must confirm the removal of the team member.

Leave a project

If you are a team member of a shared project, you can leave a project from your role menu on the Team page.

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