Resizing a Volume

After resizing from the dashboard, you need to restart the instance if it wasn't shutdown already (shutdown -> start).
Then run these commands on your instance to resize the volume.
Replace <TARGET> with the volume target e.g. vdb.

Instructions for EXT4 filesystem (default)

If partitioned (e.g. with OS volumes), that are also ext4 by default. The default partition number is 1):
There's one space character between the parameters of the growpart command
If not partitioned:
resize2fs /dev/<TARGET>

Instructions for XFS filesystem

Same process as in Instructions for EXT4 filesystem (default), but replace resize2fs with xfs_growfs:
xfs_growfs /dev/<TARGET>

Useful commands

To check if the volume is partitioned use:
To check the filesystem type use:
df -hT
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