Resizing a Volume

After resizing the volume from the dashboard, you need to shutdown and start the instance from the dashboard (in case it was not already shut down).

Resizing the OS volume

The OS volume is resized automatically after the next system start. Please make sure you perform shutdown from the cloud dashboard in order for the change in volume size to be detected during start-up.

Resizing other volumes

Run these commands on your instance to resize the non-OS volume.

Replace <TARGET> with the volume target e.g. vdb.

Instructions for EXT4 filesystem (default)

If partitioned (e.g. with OS volumes), that are also ext4 by default. The default partition number is 1):


There's one space character between the parameters of the growpart command

If not partitioned:

resize2fs /dev/<TARGET>

Instructions for XFS filesystem

Same process as in Instructions for EXT4 filesystem (default), but replace resize2fs with xfs_growfs:

xfs_growfs /dev/<TARGET>

Useful commands

To check if the volume is partitioned use:


To check the filesystem type use:

df -hT

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